the company

We offer global consultancy that stems from the experience of over 40 years of activity in the plastics industry sector worldwide.

There are many skills gained with the collaborations developed in the manufacturers of plastic processing machines such as Dolci, Nextrom, Primplast, Ghioldi, Tecnocoating, Alpha Marathon. Over these years we have worked for several customers in all countries of the world and with them we have developed a collaboration that is still alive today.

Our experience is vast because we have worked with seriousness and quality so as to have acquired more and more skills in the market, obtained the trust of companies and increased our operational capacity.

Today, our service includes a wide area of ​​applications: the modernization of machines to increase efficiency, the reduction of environmental impact, the reduction of consumption, the recovery of washing water, the recycling of plastic materials and the processing dust recovery.

We also take care of providing

  • qualified technical support
  • mechanical / electrical / custom spare parts

We have representations for

  • machinery and plants (Tabo, Alpha Marathon, Extech, Helvetica commerce, Petrelli, Brimrose)

  • ovens for cleaning plastic materials, stabilizing ovens, drying electric motors

  • quality and weight control systems for films.
  • filters, cartridge filters, continuous filters, complete filter systems.

  • carbon brushes for DC motors of all sizes.


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