continuous manual screen changer

It works thanks to 2 parallel filter cartridges. The screen changer is self-cleaning. AP filter cartridges are cleaned or replaced without interrupting the production cycle ; the extrusion system achieves and maintains full stability during the extrusion stroke and the production process achieves the highest quality.

It is an exclusive patent. The continuous manual screen changer incorporates two parallel filter cartridges that are automatically cleaned one by one without being removed from the equipment., an exclusive patent, without being removed from the equipment. 

While one cartridge is in cleaning mode, the melt flows continuously through the second filter cartridge. So the extrusion line is never stopped!

Filter replacement is only required periodically.  Filter replacement is performed without interrupting the extrusion process.


  • economical and reliable
  • no hydraulic or pneumatic systems involved
  • no control panel required
  • maintenance reduced to a minimum
  • strong and durable
  • self-cleaning function, low cost machine operation, the chipest available in the market
  • operating pressure values  up to +500bar

In addition to being economical, the continuous manual screen changer is a highly durable investment for you low contamination materials:


protected by the exclusive patent, the filter cartridges are cleaned without being removed from the block.


the filter cartridges can be cleaned and replaced without interrupting production.


The continuous manual screen changer does not require any expensive control panels or hydraulic power packs. Maintenance and spare parts are reduced to a minimum.


In many plastic extrusion processes, it is essential to keep the extruders running 24/7, minimizing routine maintenance.
The continuous manual filter changer of is solid, reliable and durable. And it is also economical when compared with other continuous equipment.
It is made with a steel body for low maintenance and a trouble free life cycle.
There are no moving parts that must be guided by hydraulic or pneumatic power units; the nickel plating offers high protection against wear.
Elaborazione: Flusso continuo - autopulente
Area di filtraggio: Fino a 1010 cm² (156 in²)
Stato del materiale: Molto adatto per materiali a bassa contaminazione
Capacità oraria: Fino a 1.500 kg / h (3.300 libbre)
Prodotti lavorati: PE, PP, ABS, PET, PA, PS, ecc.
Applicazioni: Film, fogli, filamenti mono, tubi, tubi e altro
Consumo energetico massimo: 37 kWh


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